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How It Worked

By Mitchell K. © 1991, 1997, ISBN 0-9663282-0-5
First published in 1999 by AA Big Book Study Group.

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Chapter 1: I was born at a very early age
Chapter 2: What We Used To Be Like
Chapter 3: What Happened

Chapter 4: The Book
Chapter 5: How It Worked
Chapter 6: Growth and Movement
Chapter 7: Decentralization - Promises and Reality
Chapter 8: The Orthodox Movement - Back to Basics
Chapter 9: A Prophet in His Own Town, Clarence's Life After the 60's...
Chapter 10: Clarence Goes Home...

Prologue: What It Is Like Now
Author's Addendum

12th Anniversary Pamphlet - Cleveland, Ohio, 1947
Program for the first International Conference 1950

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