By Mitchell K. © 1991, 1997
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A: What Was The Oxford Group
F: Hospital Rules (October 1941)
B: Evolution of the Twelve Steps of A.A. G: The Statement of 1948
C: "Mr. X and Alcoholics Anonymous" H: Program for the First International (1950)
D: A.A. Sponsorship Pamphlet Written By Clarence (1944) I: 12th Anniversary Pamphlet - Cleveland, Ohio 1947

E: The Steps Of A.A. - An Interpretation Written by Clarence (1972) J: Clarence's Story in the Big Book from the First Edition - "Home Brewmeister"



The research and writing of this book took over 11 years to complete. Several resources were utilized in its production. Resources of the following Archival Centers and private collections were used:

Archives at the General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous, NYC

Archives at the Stepping Stones Foundation, Bedford Hills, NY

Archives at the Cleveland Central Office of Alcoholics Anonymous, Cleveland, OH

Archives at Dr. Bob's Home (Founders Foundation), Akron, OH

The Rockefeller Archives, North Tarrytown, NY

Private Archival Collections and Repositories. Most notably, these are:

The collection of Charlie Bishop, Jr. in Wheeling, W VA

The collection of Merton M. in Summit, NJ

The collection of Wally P. in Phoenix, AZ

The collection of Danny Whitmore and Denise Kline-Whitmore in Lancaster, CA

The Clarence H. Snyder Memorial Archival Collection, part of which was given to the author by Clarence H. Snyder. Also included is the archival collection of the author. This collection consists, in part, of the following:

Several hundred pieces of early correspondence from early prospective members and/or their families, friends of the fellowship, and early members covering over 30 states and beginning in the late 1930's through the mid- 1980's, some of whom include:

T.E. Borton, Margaret B., Jim B., Warren C., Grace Cultice, Harry D., Norman C.E., Emmet Fox, Samuel F. G., Leonard V. Harrison, Ruth Hock, Bill V.H., Rev. Dilworth Lupton, Irwin M., Dorothy S.M., Henry G. P., Charles S., Carl S., Doherty S., Royal S., Henrietta Seiberling, Dr. Bob Smith, Anne Smith, Selma Snyder, Arch T., Glen W., Bill Wilson, and Roy Y.

Original Cleveland, OH. Group histories compiled by Norman C.E. - Recording Statistician of the Cleveland Central Committee. These were filled out by the original group secretaries between April - June 1942 and constitute the history of the first 29 groups in Cleveland, OH.

Approximately 100 historical documents relating to the Cleveland Central Committee and its predecessor, the AA Association. These documents include committee minutes, bulletins to all groups, and correspondence.

The first twelve year's issues of the Cleveland Central Bulletin, AA's first newsletter. This includes correspondence from Harry D., one of the first co-editors of the Bulletin.

Over 100 early Cleveland area meeting rosters showing member's names, addresses and phone numbers. The earliest roster in the collection is a typed listing from the late summer of 1939 from the original Cleveland Group ( The G. Group). The list includes Warren C., Abby G., Dr. R.H. Smith, and Clarence H. Snyder.

Over 100 pamphlets from the original "AA" pamphlet of 1940 through to the early 1980's. The collection includes several early Cleveland pamphlets, Washington, D.C. pamphlets from the mid- 1940's, and the early Akron AA pamphlets.

Over 300 books. Included are several printing's of the First Edition of Alcoholics Anonymous. All 16 printing's of the Second Edition of Alcoholics Anonymous. Approximately 30 printing's of the Third Edition of Alcoholics Anonymous. A copy of Clarence's copy of the Original Manuscript of Alcoholics Anonymous. A Harper's First Edition of Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions and Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age, as well as many other AA publications. Also Included are most of the early spiritual books read by the early AA members. Some authors of these books include: James Allen, T.S. Arthur, Harold Begbie, Lewis Browne, Frank N.D. Buchman, Oswald Chambers, Glenn Clark, Henry Drummond, Stephen Foot, Harry Emerson Fosdick, Emmet Fox, E. Stanley Jones, V.C. Kitchen, A.J. Russell, Rev. Samuel M. Shoemaker, and Robert E. Speer. Also included are several of the more recent books relating to AA's history, both "Conference Approved," and non-conference approved.

Correspondence and materials relating to the first unofficial "International" AA convention held in Cleveland in 1945 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the founding of AA. There were over 3400 members in attendance from more than 30 states and Canada. Also included is material relating to the first official "International" convention in Cleveland and several other of the subsequent Internationals.

Over 30 pieces of correspondence and materials relating to the "Orthodox Movement" of the early 1950's. These include letters from Bill V.H., Henrietta Seiberling, and Royal S.

The collection also includes several hundred flyers, cards, and other early memorabilia relating to the growth of AA. Also Included are several early magazines such as Liberty, Life, and The Saturday Evening Post with articles about the Oxford Group and AA.

Over 100 early photographs of Clarence, and most of the original writers of the Big Book.

Over 400 audio cassette tapes. These include several of the people whose stories are included in the book, Alcoholics Anonymous, leads from around the United States and abroad, archival interviews, and early friends of the AA movement. Approximately 100 of these tapes are of Clarence's leads, and archival interviews.

Approximately 50 newspaper clippings with articles relating to Alcoholics Anonymous dating back to 1940.

Over 50 pages of Clarence's handwritten notes for talks he gave to AA groups, civic and social organizations. These date from the early 1940's.

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