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Copyright The A.A. Grapevine, Inc., June 1944



   The  Shape  of  Things  to  Come

   In  the  book  Alcoholics  Anonymous there  is  a  chapter called  "A Vision  for
   You".  Wandering  through  it  recently,  my  eye  was  caught  by  this  startling
   paragraph  written  a  short  five  years  ago.  "Someday  we hope  that  every
 who journeys will  find a Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous at
   his destination.
  To some extent this  is already true.  Some of us are sales-
   men and go about.
  Little clusters of  twos and threes and fives  of us have
   sprung up in other
 communities  through  contact with our two large cen-
 Rubbing  my  eyes  I  looked  again.  A  lump  came  into  my  throat.
   "Only  five  years,"   I   thought.   "Then  but  two  large  centers—little  clusters
   of   twos  and   threes — travelers  who  hoped  one  day  to  find  us  at  every
   Could  it  be  that  only  yesterday  this  was  just  a  hope—those  little clusters
   of  twos and  threes,  those  little beacons so anxiously  watched  as  they  flick-
   ered, but  never  went  out.
   And  today—hundreds  of  centers   shedding   their   warm   illumination  upon
   the   lives  of   thousands,   lighting   the  dark  shoals  where  the  stranded  and
   hopeless  lie  breaking  up—those  fingers  of   light  already  stretching   to  our
   beach  heads  in other lands.
   Now  comes  another  lighted  lamp—this little newspaper called  "The Grape-
 May  its  rays of  hope and  ex-perience  ever  fall  upon  the  current  of
   our  A.A.   life  and   one  day   illumine  every  dark  corner  of   this   alcoholic
   The aspirations of  its  editors,  contributors and  readers could  well  be voiced
   in the last words of  "A Vision for You".  "Abandon yourself  to God as  you
   understand God.
  Admit your faults  to Him and your fellows.  Clear away
   the wreckage of your past.
 Give freely of  what you find,  and join us.  We
   shall be with you,
  in the Fellowship of The Spirit, and you will surely meet
   some of
 us as  you trudge the Road of Happy Destiny.  May God bless you
  keep you—until  then."

wives  are—they've   got   to   feel   they're  the
most   influential   factor   in  a   husband's  life.
Point   is,  during  all   the  years  my  wife  tried
to  get   me  to  quit  I  just  got  worse—then  I
catch   up  with   A.A. and   zingo—I  get  com-
pletely  dried  up and  obviously  like  the  pro-
cedure.  So  I'm afraid  she feels  there  must be
something,  lacking   in   my   affection  or  why
couldn't  I  have  quit  just  for  her?
It's  obvious  at  the   meetings   that  others  in
A.A.  have been a  lot smarter about this angle
and  maybe can  help with a  couple of sugges-
tions.   Jim  D.
Dear  Grapevine:   I've  been   in  A.A.  a   year
and  a   month  and  I'm  so  happy,  so  glad  at
last,  to  be  alive.  A year  and  a  month  ago  I
wanted  to die—although  I didn't do anything
about   it  except  go  on  drinking,   which  is  a
pretty  good   way.   My  career,   for  I  happen
to be a  writer,  was at a  standstill, and my way
of   living,   my  habits  and  emotions  were  as
distorted  as  the view  I used  to see of  myself
in the bottom of  a  glass.
Now,  very,  very slowly,   I  am  becoming  the
person   I'm   supposed  to  be.   Normal  habits
and  pleasures  come back slowly.  Things  like
enjoying food, gardening, going to the theatre,
spending  an  evening  with  friends while con-
scious—all  these  habits  had  to be  reformed,
like   a   paralytic   learning   the   re-use  of   his
limbs.   Just   the  other day  I  said  to  myself ;
"All   right—you're   fifteen   years   behind   in
your life.  Fifteen  years behind  in your career.
Thank   God  you   came  into  A.A. when  you
did.  Now you can begin, slowly,  and get your
life  back."   Perhaps  some  of  you  know  this
experience   of   discouraged  impatience.   Per-
haps   you've   been   sober  a  certain   number
of  months  and  are beginning  to  say,  "Well,
so what?"  Don't  go out  and  get  drunk,  as  I
came  so  near  doing  a   month  ago.  Weather
this let-down period between first getting truly
sober  and   getting   yourself  adjusted  to  life
and    living.   Work    like   a   beaver   with   an
extra   spurt  of  effort   in,   for  and  with  A.A.
That's  the  solution.  I am  sure of  it.  I  had  to
write  this   because  I'm   so  grateful  again  to
A.A.  for  seeing   me  through  these "growing
pains".   Felicia  G.


Hotel,  51st  Street  and   8th  Avenue,  Walnut
Room;  every Tuesday evening at  8:30.  Room
open   from   5:30.   For   all   other   meeting  in-
formation  watch  group  news  on  our  Metro-
politan  Circuit page , and check each issue for
changes of  time  and  location.
P o i n t s  of  V i e w:

The  Grapevine   welcomes   letters   from   its
reader-members. Please survey, however, the
size of  the sheet and  keep your  notes  brief,
because we'd like to print a fair cross-section,
with as little cutting as possible.

Dear Grapevine:  I  was  surely  glad  to learn
that  A.A. is  planning  to publish  a  "house-
organ".  I think a  lot of  newer  members,  like
myself,  who  might  incline  to  be  shy about

making  personal contacts  for help with their
individual  problems will welcome this means
of communicating with experienced A.A.s.
For   example,   I   can   hardly   buttonhole   a
fellow-member at a  meeting and bluntly say :
"My wife is jealous of you!" Yet that's pretty
much  the situation which bothers me quite a
lot. What  I mean  is  that my Missus doesn't
understand.  She's delighted with  the results
of  the  past six  months,  but you  know how

Copyright The A.A. Grapevine, Inc., June 1944
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