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You are on page 3 of the 1st AA Grapevine ever printed

Copyright The A.A. Grapevine, Inc., June 1944

   Above   is   my   version  of   the  title  "Alcoholics  Anonymous"  which   you  re-
   quested   for   publication.   So  far  as  using   my   name,   I  am  very  proud  of
   the  fact  that  I am a  member of  A.A. so you  may  use my  name as  the author
   of  the  enclosed  if  you  wish. Wishing  you  all  a  lot  of  luck  and  a  large  cir-
   culation   for   "The  Grapevine".   "Yours  for  Victory",  Stewart  A.S.

It  was  then   proposed   that  we  elect  a  new
president. This caused  a  few minutes of  con-
fusion  and discussion which  finally  resolved
itself  into  a  motion,  which  was  carried,  that
we do not eccept the present president's resig-
nation,  but carry on  as we  are until  the  Inter
Group   proposal   is  decided   upon,  at  which
time,   another   meeting  will  be  held  and  the
fate of  the corporation  will then be discussed.
It  was  moved  and  seconded   that  a  vote of
thanks  be  sent  to the president for the "mag-
nificent  job"  he  has  done.
The  acting  president  suggested  that,  as  we
had  been  renting  24th  Street on  a  month  to
month  basis,  which  on  May  1st , would  be-
come a  day  to  day  basis,  it  might  be  carry-
ing  out  the   twelth  step  if   we   released  the
Club  House  to  the   newly-formed   Merchant
Marine   A.A.'s   who   are   anxious   to  take  a
five  year  lease.  A motion  was  made  that we
give  up  the  Club House  as  of  June  1st  and
look  up  new quarters,  unless,  of  course,  we
decide  to  re-lease  the club ourselves.


At  the  continuation  of  the  semi-annual  cor-
poration  meeting  Wednesday night,  May 10,
the  Acting  President  pro  tem  called  the  roll
of  groups represented  and asked  for a  report
of  their decision  in regard  to  the Inter  Group
proposal.  It  was  established  that  10  groups
had   approved   the   new   Central   Committee
and  had  appointed   representatives.  As  this
seemed  an adequate  nucleus  for  proceeding,
it was moved, seconded, and voted that a cen-
tral   Committee  be   formed.   The   officers  of
the  present  Corporation   then  tendered  their
resignations  and   it  was  moved   that  an  ad-
journment   be   called   while  the  members  of
the   Central    Committee   retired   upstairs   to
select  new   Corporation   officers  and  a  tem-
porary    Central    Committee    Chairman.   The
Corporation meeting  reconvened  at 10:00 and
the selections of  the  Central  Committee  were
submitted   to   the   Corporation   members  for
their  approval,   which   was   promptly   forth-
coming.  The  new  Corporation President took
the  chair  and  after  a  brief  discussion  a  mo-
tion  was   made  to  adjourn;   the  motion  was
seconded  and  carried.

BUCOLIC  NOTES  .  .  .  .
"Sister Francis' "  friends will  be glad  to know
that    High   Watch   Farm,   Cornwall    Bridge,
Conn., near Kent, which many A.A.'s have vis-
ited and where some  found  their  first contact
with us,  is open  again.  Two  of  our  Manhat-
tan  group  members  are  going up  the  first of
June   to  run   it  during  the  summer   months.

rather  the merchant seamen  have  discov-
ered A.A.!  Just over a year ago,  Dr.  Florence
Powdermaker,  a  well-known  psycho-analyst,
sent  us  a   patient—who  promptly  dried  up,
   the good  doctor  no end.  Then  Dr.
 put   on  a   Naval  uniform  and
took up the problems of tired or shell-shocked
seamen.  Oddly enough  she found  that many
of  them had  just  the  same problem  we  land-
lubbers  are cursed  with  .  .  .  they  were alco-
holics and  they wanted  the worst  way  to get
over it.  She tried  the A.A.  literature  on  them
—  the   book  and   the  pamphlets  —  and   it
When there got to be about  40  of them, those
who  were still ashore put their heads together.
Like the rest of us,  they wanted to help others
recover—but they felt  they had a special field
in  other  seamen.   They   know  seamen,   and
they know that  most  regular seamen  look  on
landlubbers   as   almost   a   race  apart.   Their
name for us is  "shore people",  and they don't
easily feel  at  home with us.  Add  that  to  the
alcoholic apartness–and you  have something.
So they  figured  they'd catch  more  seamen  if
they  had  their  own  group–for  seamen  only.
But  we're  sure that will  be only at  the  begin-
ning—they'll  find,  as  we did,  that  alcoholics
are  buddies  under  the  skin,  no  matter  what
their profession or background,  and  as a mat-
ter  of  fact  the original  delegation  who  came
to tell  us of  their plans and  ask  our  coopera-
tion,   were  instantly  absorbed,  to  their  own,
and  our,  intense  pleasure.
But  if  and  when they  form  their  own  group
and  get  their own clubhouse,  we  wish  them
all  the  luck   in  the  world—as  one  drunk  to
another,  fellows in A.A.


The   semi-annual   corporation   meeting  was
held  at  the 24th  Street  Club House on  April
18th,   1944  at  8:00  P.M.   Fifty-two  members
attended  (A.A.'s who have been dry a year or
The  secretary  read   the  minutes  of  the  last
meeting  (September 29, 1943)  and these were
voted to be accepted, as read.
Due  to   illness  of   the  president,   the   vice-
president took  the chair  and  suggested  that
we dispense with the current business, for the
moment,  in  order  to  hear  the  new  proposal
of  the Inter Group Committee. This  was  read
and   was   followed   by  a   discussion  which
brought to the light  the following facts:  (1)—
Only  a  minority  of  those  present  had  fore-
knowledge  of   the   proposed   organizational
change,  (2)—the  proposal  was  too  lengthy
and  involved  to be digested and voted on  at
the meeting,  (3)—it  was felt that it should  be
put  up to  the  membership,  at  large,  though
the    individual    groups.   It   was,   therefore,
moved and  voted  that  the  following  resolu-
tion   be   put   into   effect:   "Resolved—that,
though  the  corporation  approves  the  basic
ideas expressed  in  the plan submitted  by the
Inter   Group   Committee,   it,   the  plan,   or  a
condensation   thereof,   be  submitted  to  the
various   groups   for   their  approval.   If  and
when this approval  is forthcoming,  it  is sug-
gested  that  each group select  its  two  repre-
sentatives to the new  Central  Committee and
send  their decision  to the corporation  secre-
A  motion  was  made to dissolve the corpora-
tion,  but was  withdrawn when it was pointed
out that  this could not be done without many
legal   complications   taking  several  months.

Copyright The A.A. Grapevine, Inc., June 1944
In practicing our Traditions, The AA Grapevine, Inc. has neither endorsed nor are they affiliated with
The Grapevine®, and AA Grapevine® are registered trademarks of The AA Grapevine, Inc.

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