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You are on page 8 of the 1st AA Grapevine ever printed

Copyright The A.A. Grapevine, Inc., June 1944

Cut This Out and Mail to:
P.O. Box 328
Grand Central Annex, N. Y. 17, N. Y.
Herewith   1.50   for   one   year's   subscription
to  The  Grapevine  (Monthly)
For additional  subscriptions  enclose separate
sheet  with  name  and  address clearly printed.
Checks  payable  to  The  Grapevine.

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(Continued  from  page  4 )

3  are  workers  from  the  mainland.  It  is  quite
a  representative group. One lawyer, one  radio
telegraph  operator, one  member  of  a  Federal
commission,   one   electrician,   one  carpenter,
and   myself–a   small-boat   builder,   aged   32.
I am  enclosing  $5.00. Please  send  me  a copy
of the book Alcoholics Anonymous, and some
more  pamphlets. If  there  is  any  left  it  is  my
donation  to the Foundation.

                                    Sincerely yours,
                                                           Dec. 14, 1943 
                                    Shop , Pearl Harbor
Dear — :
You   may  definitely  stick  a  pin  in   Honolulu
on  your  map.  Tonight  we  had  a  meeting  of
the   entire  group   for   the   first   time.   There
were supposed  to be  7–but only  5  came.  All
have  been  sober  with   the  help  of  the  A.A.
program    for   a   time   varying   from   over   a
month   to  1  week  before  their   first  meeting.
The  meeting  was  so  interesting  to everyone
we  had  trouble  leaving  in  time  to  get  home
before  curfew.   And   not  bragging   (much)  I
don't   think   there  are  any  more  intelligent  5
people in  Honolulu who meet as a  group than
we  had   there  tonight  .  .  .   One  reason  that
I  am  so  optimistic  about  our   little  group  is
that every one of  them sought  the help. There
has  been  no  evangelism,  no compulsion.  All
of   us   really  want  to  quit  .  .  .   Please  don't
think   you're   presuming  to  give   me  advice.
We   have  not  been  able  to  contact  any  old
members   here.   If   ever   there   was  a   place
  the  blind  are leading  the  blind,  that
  is  Honolulu  right  now.   We  not  only
will  accept  any advice you care to give,  we're
begging  for  it  .  .  .  I  have had  several  bitter
disappointments  .  .  .  I  have  discovered  that
a  desire  to  stop  and  mere  knowledge of  the
program of  A.A are  not  enough.  It  is  those
of  us who are  really  trying  to put  into  prac-
tice  the  12  steps  who  are  succeeding.  Now
that  we are  holding  meetings  I feel  sure that
more  of   us  will   be  able  to  put   them   into
About  my  own  case.  I  have  for  years  con-
sidered  myself an agnostic.  After reading the
A.A . literature,  expecially  the  part  about  an
alcoholic  who wanted  to  get  well  not  being
able  to  afford   the  luxury  of  a  closed  mind,
I  began  asking  myself what  I really believed.
The  more I  though  and  worked  with  others
the nearer to faith I came  .  .  .  The psychiatric
social  worker at —— Hospital,  who has been
trying  to  help  me  since July  to quit drinking
has  remarked at  the great change in  me since
I became acquainted  with  A.A.  When  I  told
her  of  my  new  source of  strength  she  sug-
gested   that  maybe  that  strength   had  been
lying   latent   in   me   all   along.  I  told   her  I
didn't  really know what the source of strength
was,  but  that  I did  know  the  formula  I  had
used  to tap  it, and  that was  humble, sincere,
unselfish  prayer  .  .  .
                                      Yours in A.A.



On  April  19th, a  one-day conference on "Al-
coholism,  Prevention   &   Cure"  was  held  in
Lansing,   Michigan,  at   Michigan  State  Col-
lege. It was sponsored  by  the Michigan Tem-
perance  Foundation  (!)  and  Yale  University
School  of   Alcoholic   Studies,  and   the   last
speech of  the day was on Alcoholics Anony-
mous.  The  speaker   was  a  doctor   from  De-
troit, a  member of  the  Detroit  group.  We are
told  he did  a  swell  job, and  that  the confer-
ence  was   followed  by  an  A.A.  banquet,  at
which some  75  A.A.s  and  their  wives,  from
8  different  Michigan  towns,   AND  Chicago,
were  present.  That,  of  course  turned  into a
regular  A.A.  meeting.  These  state-wide  get-
togethers seem  to be gathering  in  frequency.
The Public Health  Commissioner of  the  State
of   Michigan  addressed   himself  particularly
to  the  A.A.'s  present, and  we  think  one  re-
mark  of  his  is worth quoting:  "You're  listen-
ing here to doctors, psychiatrists, sociologists
and  educators  .  .  .  but don't  pay  too  much
attention  to  them!   You  people  in   A.A.  are
doing a  fine  job in coping  with  this  problem
directly. Keep on doing  it  in  your own way!"

(Continued from page 1 )

"Sir,  we  don't  think   you've  got   the  correct
slant," the bookseller  said  thoughtfully,  "We
six  are  sort  of   garage  mechanics,   servicing
the   paper.   We   don't   write   it.   That's    the
creamy part  for every  Jack and Doris of  A.A.
who can  lay their  hands  on  some  news  and
a pencil  stub.  We  wrestle with  the  punctua-
tion, if  any.  Hammer  for copy as the deadline
creaps  up.  Paste  up  the  dummy,  and   hope
for   the  best."   "Very  neat,  " I  said,  "and   I
wish  you luck.  But what's  the paper going to
talk  about?"
"About us Alcoholics, naturally!",  the mother
of  two said,  "About  A.A.'s  whole design for
living.   There's  going  to  be  a  big,  full  page
on  local  group  doings  (there's  a  Grapevine
reporter  in  every  group   right  now  with  his
pencil  at  the  ready).  And  we're  planning  to
get  all  the  big   general   stuff  on  alcoholism
into  the  paper.  Best  of  all,  we  think,  is  the
Servicemen's Letter page  .  .  ."
"Now you're  talking,"  I said with satisfaction.
"Thanks,"  the cashier  said  coldly.  "We  also
hope  to  have  a  column  on  books,   and  the
theater  and   films  and   radio  and  magazines
articles  which   have  to  do  with  A.A. or  the
12  steps,  or  constructive  living  in  general."
"And,"   said   the   author,   "a  section  called
'Do You Know?'  which will  pin down  in  print
the things new members wonder about."
"Anything  else?",   I  asked,  reaching  for  my
hat.   "Oh   yes!",  the  six  said,   "Two  things,
particularly.   There'll   be  a   write-up   on   the
Central Office. And a letters-to-The-Grapevine
where  everybody  can sound off–pro and con
–on anything  that seems to  need  saying  out
"That  positively  all?"   I  asked,  rising.   "No!
Aren't  you going to ask  us  how  long  we six
are going  to stick  at  this  thing?"
"Go  on.  Go  on," I  said  nervously.  "Simple,"
the six said.  "We  hang on  for a  trial  spin  of
three  months  while  the  Metropolitan  A.A.'s
make  up   their   minds  whether   they  want  a
paper  or  not.   If   the  verdicts's  No–we  bow
out."  "And   if   the  verdict's  Yes?",  I  asked,
eyeing all six sharpely. "We still bow out; and
hand the paper to fresh new blood," they said.
"Well,  it  still   looks   like  a  cabal   to   me, " I
said  in  my  most  suspicious  manner.  "Think
I'll  write a  leter  to  The Grapevine demanding
to know how come  you six  think  you can get
a  paper  going!"
"We'll   print   it,   sir.   Goodbye;   and    kindly
don't   slam  the  door,"  was   the  last  I  heard
the six say.

Copyright The A.A. Grapevine, Inc., June 1944
In practicing our Traditions, The AA Grapevine, Inc. has neither endorsed nor are they affiliated with
The Grapevine®, and AA Grapevine® are registered trademarks of The AA Grapevine, Inc.

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