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AA Kraków
AA w Krakowie i poludnowej Polsce.
AA Rome
This site is no longer at Teklab in Italy but hosted elsewhere for two years.
AA Saint Petersburg (International Group)
Provides contact details meeting times and locations for english speaking group in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Continental Europe
The Continental European Region of Alcoholics Anonymous serves English speaking A.A. Groups in Continental Europe (outside the British Isles). Includes Israel, Turkey, and some countries in Africa and Scandinavia.
Cyprus -- AA on Cyprus
List of meetings and contacts.
Czech Republic -- Prague
Meetings and contact information for The Prague Promises Group.
Denmark -- Faroe Islands
Meetings on the Faroe Islands.
Denmark -- General Service Office
Listing of all Danish AA-groups. "Most Danes understand English, and you are certainly welcome to share in your own language." Also includes English meetings in Copenhagen.
France -- Alpes-Maritimes
English language meetings in Alpes-Maritimes. On the AA France site.

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