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Top>> AA Online
AAOnline produces open "facsimile AA" real time topic meetings for Alcoholics. Approximately 40 to 90 people flow through the room during any one meeting.
Online Intergroup - Australia
The Australian Online Inter-Group. Includes links to info for Queensland-Pathfinders, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Western Australia, Northern Rivers, NSW Gold Coast, Tasmania, North Queensland, Sunshine Coast, and South Australia.
Big Book Meeting & Study - Online
Our group's primary purpose is to pass on THIS MESSAGE of recovery to the still suffering Alcoholic. We are enjoying a continuing study of our Basic Text: the Big Book. Since most people have the 3rd Edition we will use it for the study. If you have a 4th Edition the Roman numeral pages may not be the same but I'm sure you'll find where we're at
British Alcoholics Anonymous Group
An AA group with meetings three times weekly and group support via instant messanger.
e-AA Group
Online help for alcoholism: email and real-time (chat) meetings, discussion forums, links directory, and general AA information.
Keep It Simple Sisters (KISS)
"We are a group of women who are recovering from alcoholism, by the grace of our Higher Powers and the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. A desire to stop drinking is our only requirement for membership. We are looking forward to sharing with you our experience, strength and hope, and to learning from yours."
Lamplighters Group
One of the oldest and largest of the email-based AA groups, Lamplighters began in 1991. "We're an AA meeting in every sense, even though the little 'meeting room' we rent is electronic rather than brick and mortar."
Meeting of the Minds Group
Weekly email meeting. "Journals" available for online viewing.
Molly's Unofficial AA UK Website
Maintained by Molly, "a grateful alcoholic. The content of this site is entirely my choice and is neither endorsed nor approved by AA in the UK, but hopefully follows the traditions of this wonderful Fellowship."
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