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   *Effective 07/09/2006 - Due to problems associated with some free hosting companies (tripod.lycos, fortunecity, 50megs, etc... etc...) You must have your own Domain name to get listed here, (examples: or and you can get one here cheap: + 100 MB of free Web space, cost-free, Ad-free, banner-free! For Life! From: Even then, all link submissions must be pre-approved before being added to this directory.

   If you've reached this page so that you may edit/update your listing, then click: Add/Edit Link to continue. Use the email form on the following contact page to update your listing. Please include the page address where your site is listed.

What to include with your link submission:

   » The appropriate category you wish your site to be listed.
   » The linked url of your page you would like visitors to visit.
   » The Title of your web page/site.
   » An accurate description of the page/site you wish to be included in the links directory.

   • Please note: Not all links will be approved. You must be maintained/updated regularly - Alcoholics Anonymous related web site, whether it is an official site or an un-official site.

   If you meet all the above requirements to have your link/site included in the links directory, then you may continue by clicking; Add/Edit Link. You will be using an email form to submit your link/site. Please use this same form to keep your listing up to date. Using this form helps cut down on email spam, which at times, contain viruses.

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