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AA History Lovers Yahoo email group
Previously known as; AA History Buffs email group - you can still view posts @ AA History Buffs, but can not join -If you have a desire or interest in learning about things past & present of Alcoholics Anonymous, then this is the place to visit. Nancy O., the moderator, also new Bill W.
AA GSO WATCH Yahoo email group
Read GSO WATCH public online discussion list @ Yahoo.
AA GSO WATCH - Main Server
Our Mission: We, of Alcoholics Anonymous feel nothing is of greater importance to the future of the global AA fellowship -that is the local groups and individual alcoholics worldwide- than to recover and unselfishly help others to recover from alcoholism. This includes the necessity to perform God's will to the best of our understanding and gain deep spiritual experiences in order to become and keep sober. It is our duty to preserve and practice our basic AA principles as outlined by our first hundred members in our basic textbook. We offer our basic textbook for free download in various languages for you to carry it on as we do. Freely have ye received, freely give ... !
Mirror of the above AA GSO WATCH web site.
Welcome to - Minority Opinion Information Web Site
Concept V Essay opening paragraph from The AA Service Manual (© 2002 AAWS Inc.):
    "In the light of the principle of the "Right of Appeal," all minorities - whether in our staffs, committees, corporate boards, or among the Trustees - should be encouraged to file minority reports whenever they feel a majority to be in considerable error. And when a minority considers an issue to be such a grave one that a mistaken decision could seriously affect A.A. as a whole, it should then charge itself with the actual duty of presenting a minority report to the Conference." . . .
Dick B's Spiritual Roots of Alcoholics Anonymous
Alcoholics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous History. Dick B. is the leading scholar on the spiritual roots of Alcoholics Anonymous. There is no other historical material of this kind; not in Alcoholics Anonymous, not on the net, and not in the libraries or bookstores. An active, recovered Alcoholic himself, Dick B. tells it as it was, so you can be victorious and be delivered today with Alcoholics Anonymous as it is.
Dick B.'s Personal A.A. History Blog Site
This Alcoholics Anonymous History site is the personal A.A. (AA) history blog site of Dick B., writer, historian, Retired attorney, and Bible student. It supplements his main site in that it contains ongoing research and history articles, pictures from his books and collections, audio reproductions of his talks, video reproductions. It is also linked to Dick's main site (
A Series of Dick B's Audio Talks
Alcoholics Anonymous with Dick B., a cured alcoholic coming from aa meetings, alcoholics anonymous meetings, who talks about alcoholism treatment and signs of alcoholism. Also, the 12 Steps, aa 12 Steps, Dr. Bob, Bill W., Oxford Group, Christian Recovery and aa history."
Welcome to AA History and Trivia
A Sober Web Site for recovering alcoholics. Questions and answers on AA History and other FUN for members of Alcoholics Anonymous and their friends.
Just Love Audio
Just Love Audio, Vital Recovery Resoures -Recovery Audio & Recovery Store (A.A., Al-Anon, N.A., C.A., A.N.A., O.A., F.A.A., A.C.O.A., etc.), Recording & Duplicating Services (On-Site Event Recording & Duplicating, CD & DVD Copying, Media Transfer Services) Professional Life Embracement Coach (Spiritual Counseling) Free 12 Step Recovery Information (Guides for Working All 12 Steps, 12 Step/Spiritual Exercises, Articles, Handouts, Meditations, Big Book Workgroup Formats, 12 Traditions Info, 12 Concepts Info, etc.)

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Daily Inspirational Email Groups

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