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Sobriety Girl
One of the biggest fears of beginning any journey is the unknown. We do not know where the journey will take us and that can be quite scary. What will we uncover? What will we find along the way? The journey is as amazing as the final destination. We learn with each step. We learn we have the ability to go in any direction we choose. That direction is very much of our own accord. FREE Downloads, AA Photos, Cool AA Links, Meeting finders, sobriety counters, Big Book resources. Information for anyone interested in Alcoholics Anonymous.
The Recovery Bridge Community
In late March 2005 a few members of the San Francisco A.A. fellowship began investigating the feasibility of holding A.A. meetings on the phone using teleconference telephone technology: the project was soon named The Recovery Bridge Community. As the project evolved, The Recovery Bridge Community became a recovery-related "club" that rents meeting space to A.A. and other recovery programs over teleconference telephone lines.
Freedom Ranch Maui Incorporated ESTABLISHED 2003
Freedom Ranch Maui Incorporated - Christian Educational Training Program for Alcoholics and Addicts. Freedom Ranch Maui Incorporated is a non-profit charitable, religious and educational organization established to bring alcoholics and addicts to reliance on the Creator for cure through prayer and study of His Word and becoming a new person in Christ. Freedom Ranch Maui Incorporated is founded on the premise that the Christian Fellowship of early Alcoholics Anonymous [aka. “Akron Group Number One”, led by Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith] provided the model and answer to alcoholism and other addictions through its Christian program developed and utilized between 1935 and 1938.
Welcome to Stepping Stones - The Home of Lois & Bill W.
Garden and grounds are open daily from sunup to sunset. The virtual tour, here on the web, is open always. The house is open by appointment, and tours are hosted regularly, as per our mutual availability. Come inside to take your virtual tour, or arrange a visit to Stepping Stones today.
* Located 45 minutes north of NYC * (914) 232-4822 * * NO BUSES - Call for more information * Thank you for your cooperation.
Cyber Recovery Fellowship
A recovery site with lots of AA and other related recovery resources links and information plus a message board and chatroom for online recovery help/support.
Alcoholics In Action
AA group in Astoria, NY focused on recovery from alcoholism using the 12 steps as described in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.
Moss Lane Recovery Club, Amarillo, Texas
Moss Lane is a Recovery Club in Amarillo, Texas that supports Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and 12 step recovery from Alcoholism. Moss Lane Club is not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous, but we rent space to hold meetings.
Dr. Bob and Alcoholics Anonymous
Devoted exclusively to presenting information about A.A. Co-founder Dr. Bob and particularly his excellent training in the Bible as a youngster in St. Johnsbury, Vermont; the basic A.A. ideas he transmitted from his youth into the Akron A.A. Christian Fellowship he founded with Bill W.; and the essentials of that pioneer A.A. program
The Recovery Radio Blog - Take them with you on your portible devices
Recovery Network Radio
This is a recovery network of Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon speakers numbering more than 1,000 speakers - as well as Podcast on iTunes. Lots of speakers worth checking out! Enjoy!
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