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12 Step Workbook - "Al Kohallek Goes Stepping"
Doing what’s suggested in these Workbooks and/or Workshop Papers may cause you to let go of some parts of your personal “reality.” It could cause you to be less limited. You may stop blaming other people, places, and things. You may stop being a user and become an owner of your own stuff. You may find yourself giving up some of your old resentments, pains and fears. You could even find yourself with a new understanding and/or awakening. Maybe you will find your Self. Neither this workbook nor any of its contents are for sale. They are for sharing. Pass it on freely to those you love and those you don’t.
Alcoholics Anonymous, Oxford Groups and more. Ideal for the Archivist, collector and those just plain interested in the roots of the 12 step movements. also has a search engine that searches many AA related sites at once at the click of a button.
The Road of Happy Destiny
Here on the Road of Happy Destiny, you will find bits on the history of Alcoholics Anonymous, speaker tapes from modern speakers to Dr. Bob, historical information on the Big Book, jokes in keeping with rule 62, and much more! "...and you will surely meet some of us as you trudge the Road of Happy Destiny" (Page 164 of Alcoholics Anonymous)
The Orange Papers
One Man's Analysis of Alcoholics Anonymous - An Online Book by "Orange"
XA Speakers
The Lights are on! Thousands of speakers in mp3 format.
Recovery Speakers
Thousands of speakers in mp3 format. Speakers, Work Shops . . . etc . . .ect . . . in mp3 format.
Recovery Broadcast Network
100's of FREE audio and video addiction recovery resources. Free Alcoholics Anonymous seminars, AA Speaker Meetings and Relapse Prevention material.
Hindsfoot Foundation
A not-for-profit organization founded in 1993 for the publication of materials on the history and theory of alcoholism treatment and the moral and spiritual dimensions of recovery.
12-Step history and practice
The West Baltimore Group
This page is brought to you by the West Baltimore Group of Alcoholics Anonymous. We do recovery the "old fashioned way." This group was started on May 9, 1947 and was one of the first Baltimore Neighborhood Groups in the City. It started in a local man's home. His name was Charlie Chrest and he lived on Mallow Hill Road in what was then Postal Zone 29.
Many Paths to One Fellowship
This book tells the story of America's relationship with alcohol as it relates to the history of Alcoholics Anonymous. Find out who and what influenced the co-founders of AA and the origin of the 12 step process. The story that describes the "history" of AA is one that is filled with a long series of synchronistic events. The progression of these "coincidences" slowly builds as time passes and concludes at a "peak moment" when we arrive at a point in time that is now described as the "founding moment".
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