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Bullet The Original Manuscript -As it was written in 1938 prior to publication, then fresh off the press in April of 1939, with its new title: "Alcoholics Anonymous"

Bullet A Manual for Alcoholics Anonymous -"This booklet is intended to be a practical guide for new members and sponsors of new members of Alcoholics Anonymous." The Akron Manual (1940)
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Bullet Second Reader for Alcoholics Anonymous -A pamphlet produced by early Akron A.A. (pdf file)

Bullet The First “A.A.” Pamphlet -As Derived from The Series of Six Articles from "The Houston Press." Larry J. came to Houston from Cleveland with only a Big Book and a Spiritual Experience resulting from having taken the Steps while hospitalized. His Sponsors were Dr. Bob S. & Clarence S. He had not attended an A.A. meeting before coming to Houston. (April 1940)

Bullet Alcoholics Anonymous -THE DETROIT PAMPHLET - An Interpretation of the Twelve Steps
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Bullet A Guide to the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous -This copy clearly states on cover it was put out by AA of Greater Detroit. It's been said that the pamphlet was originally written and distributed by the Akron Group sometime in the 1940's.

Bullet AA Sponsorship Pamphlet - This is the first pamphlet ever written concerning sponsorship. It was written by Clarence S. in early 1944. Its original title was to be "A.A. Sponsorship...Its Obligations and Its Responsibilities." (1944)
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Bullet Spiritual Milestones in Alcoholics Anonymous [pdf]
FEW, IF ANY, men or women have completely fulfilled the aims of Alcoholics Anonymous without at least some grasp of the spiritual, or to use another term in it's broadest sense, religion. True, there have been some who have managed to keep sober simply by mechanical action. But a preponderance of evidence points out that until one has some spiritual conviction, and the more the better, he takes no joy in his sobriety.

Bullet Big Book indexed words "lite" version
This is a "lite" version adapted from The Anonymous Press Study Edition of Alcoholics Anonymous.
See: Please feel free to distribute or reproduce this index. "All that we ask is that you leave the index as it is here (including the header). This will allow us to keep suggested additions and corrections straight."

Bullet Manuscript of A.A. World History, 1985 -by Bob P.
This document is the first draft of the in-depth history of Alcoholics Anonymous as prepared by Bob P. The manuscript was rejected by the Trustees' Literature Committee and was not published. Bob P.'s book, "Manuscript of A.A. World History", rich in AA history, is made available from for historical and research purposes only.

Bullet A.A. Pamphlets History List -Here's a list of 'AA pamphlets'. Most all are Conference-approved or GSO service materials. Remember, Conference-approved translates into 'no earlier than 1951 when the Conference was formed'. AA did have and use pamphlets before that time which were published by individuals, groups, the Grapevine, our various central offices, as well as by GSO in New York. Some of these are listed at the end in the Pre Conference and Out of Print section.

Bullet A.A. Pamphlets History as reflected in Conference Actions -Extracted from: "A Summary: Advisory Actions of the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous 1951-2000" (M-39)

Bullet How to Listen to God -This is a 3 page pamphlet written in the 1930’s by John E. Batterson. John was a person friend of Dr. Bob, one of the co founders of Alcoholics Anonymous. This pamphlet was widely used and distributed in the early, very successful years of A.A. It gives simple, non denominational daily guidelines for how to find God and serve God, and find peace and fulfillment in the process.

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