Lets Ask Bill W.

Thanks to Jim B. of Canada who put together this presentation of text and articles on the Washingtonian Temperance Society. Jim originally had these articles on the web site of historyofaa.com which is no longer online and placed here for historical & research purposes.

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1. The Disease Concept - How do you justify calling alcoholism an illness, and not a moral responsibility?
2. Mental Obsession - What is meant by mental obsession and the obsessional character of alcoholism?
3. How Does A.A. Work? - Just how does A.A. work?
4. A Continued Existence - How can A.A. best assure its continued existence?
5. Early A.A. 12th Step - When you first sobered up how did you approach alcoholics and did you change that approach?
6. What happened to Ebby? - What happened to your sponsor, Ebby?
7. Oxford Group Info - What did A.A. learn from the Oxford Group and why did they leave them?
8. Agnostics & God - What about the alcoholic who says that he cannot possibly believe in God?
9. Medicine, Religion & A.A. - How do medicine and religion differ in their approach to the alcoholic?
10. Origins of the Traditions - What were the conditions that led to the Twelve Traditions?
11. Still More Traditions Info - Have the Traditions been widely accepted?
12. General Service Conference - What will the General Service Conference do?
13. A.A. & Other Agencies - Could you explain AA's tradition concerning other agencies in the field of alcoholism?
14. The 12 Concepts - What purposes do the Twelve Concepts for World Services serve?
15. Remembering A.A.'s Early Friends - Bill never tired of telling the story of A.A.s' beginning and giving thanks for our many early friends. This is how he told it to the General Service Conference in 1952.
16. Are Alcoholics "Differene?" - Do alcoholics as a class differ from other people?
17. Is it all Bill W's Experience? - Is A.A. based totally on your own experiences?
18. "A Rapid Growth Problem?" - Wouldn't too rapid growth be bad, both for the new alcoholics and for Alcoholics Anonymous itself?
19. Bill W's Spiritual Experience - Could you describe your spiritual experience for us and your understanding of what happened?
20. Early A.A. - Could you tell us about the early days and the meetings in your home on Clinton Street?
21. Meet A.A. #3 - How did you meet A.A. No.3, Bill D.?
22. More Big Book Info - Was the writing of the Big Book a difficult job?
23. St. Igantius & The Steps - Can the Twelve Steps be compared to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius?
24. Father Dowling's Influence - How did you meet Father Ed Dowling?
25. More on the Traditions - What are the ideas embodied in the Twelve Traditions?
26. GSO Financing - How will the proposed General Service Conference be financed?
27. A.A. Government? - Why shouldn't the General Service Conference be a government for Alcoholics Anonymous?
28. Drug Addicts & A.A. - How many drug addicts are there in A.A. and in the organization similar to A.A. which operates among drug addicts?
29. Right of Appeal - What purpose does the right of appeal serve?
30. Are Alcoholics "Neurotic?" - Are alcoholics neurotic?
31. What is Alcoholism? - What is alcoholism?
32. Is A.A. a Religion? - Is Alcoholics Anonymous a new religion? A competitor of the Church?
33. What is A.A.'s Success Rate? - What is the success rate of Alcoholics Anonymous?
34. Carl Jung's Contribution - What contribution did Dr. Carl Jung make to A.A.?
35. Ebby's Message to Bill - What effect did Ebby's message have on you?
36. Clergy & A.A. - Why do clergymen so often fail with alcoholics, when A.A. so often succeeds? Is it possible that the grace of A.A. is superior to that of the Church?
37. A.A. and the Community - What is AA's relationship with the community?
38. Short GSO History - Why the General Service Conference?
39. The Rockefeller Connection - How did the connection between the Rockefeller's and Alcoholics Anonymous develop?
40. The Three Legacies - What do the Three Legacies of AA represent?
41. Drunks in A.A. Meetings? - If an alcoholic comes to an A.A. meeting under the influence of alcohol, how do you treat him or handle him during the meeting?

*Posted with permission from Alcohol Research Documentation, Inc., publisher of the Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol (now the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs [www.jsad.com]

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