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"Let us also remember to guard that erring member - the tongue, and if we must use it, let's use it with kindness and consideration and tolerance."
-Dr. Bob Sunday, July 30, 1950

"You can find the foregoing remarks in A.A.’s DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers, in pamphlets published by Akron AA, and in several talks given through the years by Dr. Bob himself. And it was even his co-founder friend Bill Wilson who spoke of the studies of James, the Sermon, and Corinthians; the reading of these passages by Dr. Bob’s wife Anne to Bill and Bob; and the fact that—as Bill put it—“James was our favorite.” And he added that many favored calling the A.A. fellowship “The James Club.”"
      -excerpt from Dick B.'s, "The James Club and The Original A.A. Program’s Absolute Essentials"
Also see, "The Original Manuscript of Alcoholics Anonymous" — This is a reproduction of the 1938 Original Manuscript of Alcoholics Anonymous. This was the version of The Big Book distributed to friends and colleagues of AA's founders before the First Edition was printed. The text of this document, "Original Manuscript," was left just as it originally appeared in 1938.

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Personal Stories from the 1st edition Big Book.

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Appendix I & II Page 397 - 400, 1st edition.

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