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For those of you who don't know him, Mel B. is an A.A. old-timer, a recovering alcoholic who got sober in Alcoholics Anonymous in 1950 during the early days of the fellowship, when he was a patient in the state hospital in his hometown, Norfolk, Nebraska. He writes anonymously on subjects related to alcoholism and was the principal author of Pass It On, AA's authorized biography of co-founder Bill Wilson. He has also contributed more than fifty articles to The Grapevine, the international journal of Alcoholics Anonymous. He has been an active member of A.A. for more than fifty years. He is regarded as one of the top historians writing about Alcoholics Anonymous; in addition to this present volume, 101 Meeting Starters: A Guide to Better Twelve Step Discussions, February 2007, he has published six other widely read books on the Alcoholics Anonymous program. The following are all of Mel's books for viewing, after which I encourage you to read all of Mel's many articles that he submitted to our meeting in print - The AA Grapevine Magizine.

ISBN-13: 9781592853694
101 Meeting Starters

A friendly, first-ever guide to making the most of Twelve Step meetings. For millions of people around the world, attending Twelve Step meetings is essential to their recovery from addiction. Twelve Step meetings are confidential forums for people to share the experience, strength, and hope that sustain sobriety. Sometimes, however, meetings get sidetracked by irrelevant topics, dominant speakers, or other distractions, leaving attendees feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. Here, for the first time, is a collection of dynamic Twelve Step "meeting starters" designed to generate spirited, meaningful, and gratifying group discussions.

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CAN WE STILL USE THE FOUR ABSOLUTES? A Look at Standards that Led to the Twelve Steps -by Mel B., Toledo, OH -Printed in the U.S.A. © Copyright 2009 by Mel B. -Read this book in its entirety now! (Not widely published)

Other books written by Mel B.


Index of Articles written by Mel B. that were published in the AA Grapevine, our meeting in print.

AA and Jesus
Cosmic Consciousness
Love's Ingredients
Beyond the Self
Let Go and Let God
El Sombrero
The Search for Self-Approval
Anger!. . . A Symptom of Wrong Thinking
AAs Should Be Honest About Sex Problems
More Power to You
Beware the Sound of Blaring Trumpets
Inventory is Today
Thoughts Are Things
First Law
Those Unremembered Memories
Those Lost Years
Why God Says No
The Will and the Way
Why I Keep Coming Back
The One-Minute Solution
The Serenity Prayer
The Green Demon
The Dreamer and the Dawn
The Broken Pulley
Public Controversy
That Day on the Bridge
Power to Solve Your Problems
Step Over to the Nearest Barroom
From Perfectionism to Perfection
Something About the Eyes
People and Principles
Requiem for a Resentment
9th Step
Put Yourself in a New Frame of Mind
Mental Depression--Unnecessary Evil
Night Owl Gets Diploma
Is That Resentment Necessary?
My Name is...Melvin
Let's Talk About Material Things
The AA Tom Swifty
Open-Meeting Bores
The 12 Symptoms of My Alcoholism
Gentle Drunks
AA’s Roots in the Oxford Group
Leroy's Language
Getting Along With Yourself and Others
Long Live the Wimp
God Is Just
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