Dr. William Duncan Silkworth An in depth look at the writings, articles, letters and documents of Dr. William Duncan Silkworth, M.D. -also known as Silky.

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 The Doctor's Opinion
A letter from Dr. Silkworth to Alcoholics Anonymous. This letter is also in the the beginning of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

 Dr. Silkworth's letter "To whom it may concern"
This is a photocopy of his original letter dated July 27, 1938.

 The Little Doctor Who Loved Drunks
Dr. William Duncan Silkworth, M.D. -from which this web site, Silkworth.net, gets its name.
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 The Prevention of Alcoholism
A Challenge to the Catholic Clergy. The "Blue Book" -National Clergy Conference on Alcoholism, 1960
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Alcoholism as a Manifestation of Allergy
"It is our purpose to show that there is a type of alcoholism characterized by a definite symptomatology and a fixed diagnosis indicative of a constant and specific pathology; in short, that true alcoholism is a manifestation of allergy."
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Reclamation of the Alcoholic [also see original document]
"To such patients we recommend “moral psychology,” and in those of our patients who have joined or initiated such groups the change has been spectacular."
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A New Approach to Psychotherapy in Chronic Alcoholism
"One powerful factor is that of self-preservation. These ex-alcoholics frequently find that unless they spend time helping others to health they cannot stay sober themselves."
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 Psychological Rehabilitation of Alcoholics
This is an expanded letter from Silky, parts of which can be found in the Big Book pages xxiii to xxx called "The Doctor's Opinion".
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 A Highly Successful Approach To The Alcoholic Problem
Confirmed in Medical and Sociological Results -Medical Record, Vol. 154, August 1941, New York
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 Dr. Silkworth’s Rx for Sobriety
Anyone who tried to impress a drinking alcoholic with the approach, “You can’t have your cake and eat it, too,” would probably draw a scornful, “So what! Who wants any cake? Tony, make it a double this time.”
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 Slips and Human Nature
"The mystery of slips is not so deep as it may appear. While it does seem odd that an alcoholic, who has restored himself to a dignified place among his fellowmen and continues dry for years, should suddenly throw all his happiness overboard and find himself again in mortal peril of drowning in liquor, often the reason is simple."
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 Dr. William Duncan Silkworth -1873 – 1951

 How to find Doctor William Duncan Silkworth, M.D. and his beloved wife Antoinette B. Silkworth's Final Resting Place.
At the Glenwood Cemetery West Long Branch New Jersey - the final resting place of Doctor William Duncan Silkworth M.D. and his beloved wife Antoinette B. Silkworth and how to find the cemetery where they are buried.

Researched/written for: The Round Table of AA History by Mike O., of The Just Do It Big Book Study Group of Alcoholics Anonymous, DeBary, Florida. Updated/revised: 1999, 2000, and 2001.

 Dr. Silkworth on Jesus Christ
Written by Dick B., renowned author of many books on Alcoholics Anonymous history and its biblical roots.

 A.A., Dr. Silkworth, and the “Great Physician”
Written by Dick B., renowned author of many books on Alcoholics Anonymous history and its biblical roots.

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