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The Washingtonians

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1. Most of the data for the discussion of the Paterson Washington Temperance Benevolent Society are based on materials in the Paterson intelligence, and the data on the Newark Washington Temperance Benevolent Society are based on materials from the Newark Daily Intelligencer. To simplify the problem of footnotes, in most cases only the source of quotations is cited.

2. Occupational data on members of the Paterson society were secured largely from newspaper reports because city directories were not available for the dates most relevant to this research; occupational data for Newark were taken from city directories.

3. Written by Reverend Joel Jewell in 1830 and 1832; set to the tune "Rockingham" (14,p.227)

4. That these membership data included substantial numbers of nondrunkards is suggested the fact that, according to the Paterson intelligencer of 31 March 1841, a committee of the "friends of temperance" estimated that in Paterson and Manchester there were 127 habitual drunkards and 79 occasional drunkards, including 30 women.

5. The editorial quotation is from John Allen Krout's book The Origins of Prohibition, Published by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., in 1925.

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