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Timelines in AA History
1911 to 1920

dot.jpg 1910-1912 -Dr. Bob's internship City Hospital, no problem with drinking; Bill said happiest time life (D 27) (W 143)

dot.jpg 1911, Summer -1st time Bill saw father since Autumn 1905 when left family (B 11)

dot.jpg 1912 -Dr. Bob age 33 started medical practice 2nd National Bank Building Akron until 1948; Lois graduated Packer Institute Brooklyn (D 28, 348) (L 12)

Summer-early Fall -1 happiest, most ecstatic periods Bill's life (P 35)
November 18th -Bill's childhood sweetheart Bertha Bamford died (N 12) (P 35)
November 19th -Bill learned schools chapel from Burr & Burton principal, childhood sweetheart Bertha Bamford died (N 12) (P 35)

dot.jpg 1912-1915 -Period depression Bill following childhood sweetheart Bertha Bamford's death (P 36)

dot.jpg 1913, Summer -Bill's grandfather took him Pennsylvania 50 anniversary Gettysburg; Bill, mother, sister camped Emerald Lake (B 68) (L 13, 15)

dot.jpg 1913-1914 -School year, Bill went live with mother & sister Dorothy Arlington Massachusetts (P 40)

Fall/Winter -Bill attended special courses Arlington High prepare Massachusetts Institute Technology (B 72)

dot.jpg 1914, early -Judge Smith dispatched doctor St. Johnsbury instructions bring Dr. Bob St.Johnsbury, stayed 2 months (D 28-29)

Summer -Bill & Lois meet (B 82)
mid Summer -Europe verge war (P 42)
August -Bill sees father 1st time 8 years, British Columbia (B 72) (P 42)
September -Bill age 19 enters Norwich University military college, freshman (B 67) (P 43) (W 144)

dot.jpg 1915 -Dr. Bob & Anne Ripley married; T. Henry Williams came Akron (C 2) (P 140, 145)

Summer -Bill peddling kerosene lamp burners, Lois opened small tea arbor north end Emerald Lake, Bill & Lois Burnham engaged kept secret except Bill's friend Mark Whalon (B 82) (L 14) (P 48-49) (W 145)
January 25th -Dr. Bob & Annie marry 17 years after meeting (D 16, 29, 348)
September 11th -Bill & Lois engaged (B 87)

dot.jpg 1916 -Bill suspended Norwich College due participation hazing situation; U.S. troops under General Pershing sent Mexico vain attempt capture Pancho Villa, Norwich University cadets part Vermont National Guard so mobilized; Bill's 1/2 sister born (B 96) (L 18) (P 49, 80) (W 145)

February -Hazing incident Norwich University, Bill onlooker, Bill & sophomore class suspended (B 96)
June, early -Bill & sophomore class reinstated from February hazing suspension, sent Fort Ethan Allen part expedition against Mexican Pancho Villa (B 96) (P 49) (W 145)

dot.jpg 1917 -Bill passes Army's physical examination, Bill called up; takes 1st drink Bronx cocktail at Grinnells', never graduates Norwich University (B 112) (C 4) (N 13) (P 46, 54, 56, 407)

Summer -Bill completed training Fort Monroe Virginia, became 2nd lieutenant Army Artillery, 1st assignment Fort Rodman Massachusetts (W 145)
January -Lois taught aunts Marion's school (L 12)
April 6th -U.S. entered WWI (W 145)

dot.jpg 1918 -18th Amendment passed [Prohibition]; Dr. Bob's father died; Bill stationed Fort Adams, last stop before embarkation (B 112) (D 10, 30)

early 18' -U.S. fully at war (P 56)
Summer -Dr. Frank N. D. Buchman saw 1st house party Calling China, became Oxford Group technique (W 117)
January -Dr. Frank N. D. Buchman Samuel M. Shoemaker meet Peking; Lois left Aunt Marian's school (L 22) (W 118)
January 24th -Bill & Lois married Swedenborgian Church Brooklyn (B 111) (P 58, 407) (W 146)
February 1st -Original wedding date Bill & Lois, changed January 24 due war (B 111) (P 58)
February 15th -Daughter Suzanne Smith Windows born (C 11)
June 5th -Dr. Bob's son Robert Ripley Smith born (C 2) (P 140)
July -Thought Lois pregnant, not (B 114)
July 17th -Last night Bill & Lois together before Bill sailed overseas (B 113)
July 18th -Bill sailed from Boston on Lancashire with 66th C.A.C. 5 months left WWI
July 20th -Bill's 1st drink brandy board ship Lancashire (B 113, 115) (W 146)
November 18th -WWI ended (B 121) (W 146)

dot.jpg 1919, March -Bill sailed Bordeaux board S.S. Powhatan to New York harbor (B 121, 122)

May -Bill discharged Army Camp Devens, Wilson's settle Brooklyn (B 121) (L 27) (P 62, 407) (W 147)

dot.jpg 1920's -Bill pursued dreams wealth; Late, Dr. Bob went quite often St. Thomas Hospital (C 4) (D 45)

dot.jpg 1920, January 17th -18th Amendment law (P 67, 122)

February -Lois working Red Cross occupational therapy aid Brooklyn Naval Hospital; Bill & Lois move 1 room apartment State Street (L 31)


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