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Timelines in AA History
1921 to 1930

dot.jpg 1921 -Frank Buchman Pennsylvanian Lutheran minister started Oxford Group after spiritual experience traveling Scotland; Bill's grandmother Ella Brock died; Bill took Thomas Edison's employment test, passed declined work; 1st exposure Wall Street investigative work United States Fidelity & Guaranty Company; Lois 1st series miscarriages; Bill & Lois move apartment Amity Street (B 135-137, 139) (C 3) (L 34) (P 28, 70)

February -Lois got another job Bellevue Hospital until September 1922 (L 34)

dot.jpg 1922 -Bill & Lois move apartment Amity Street; Ebby's family business failed (B 138) (P 67, 83)

July -Lois 2nd ectopic pregnancy (B 142-143) (L 34) (W 147)

dot.jpg 1923 -Smith's adopt Suzanne Smith, age 5 same age son (C 2, 11)

May -Lois's 3rd ectopic pregnancy, Bill often too drunk visit hospital (L 34)
Christmas -Bill vowed stay sober 1 year, lasted 2 months (B 141) (W 148)

dot.jpg 1924 -Bill's substitute father, grandfather Gardner Fayette Griffith died; Bill finished law school (L 31) (P 70)

February -Bill vowed no more drinking (B 141)

dot.jpg 1925, April -Wilson's start motorcycle trip 3-wheeler Harley-Davidson (B 148) (L 36-37) (P 69)

June 17th -Lois's sister Kitty married ( 60) (P 75)

dot.jpg 1925-1929 -Bill's success securities analyst marred worsening drinking problem (P 407)

dot.jpg 1926, Spring -Kitty Burnham married; Bill's drinking discussed business conferences Frank Shaw (B 156)

June -Fortune threw money applause Bill's way (P 75)

dot.jpg 1927, Summer -Bill & Lois on-site investigation Cuban Sugar; rented expensive 3 room apartment 38 Livingston Street New York not big enough rented 1 beside make larger (L 71) (P 79-80)

end 27' -Bill very depressed, signed Lois all rights, titles & interest (L 72) (P 82)

dot.jpg 1928 -Dr. Bob met Sister Mary Ignatia St. Thomas Hospital; Bill, star among Wall Street associates; 1st Century Christian Fellowship renamed Oxford Group; Bill & Lois move new apartment Livingston Street, knocked down walls make bigger; Bill's brother-in-law Dr. Leonard Strong gave Bill physical examination, confronted Bill drinking (B 159-160) (D 45) (P 81, 130) (S 9) (W 120, 148)

October 20th -Bill wrote promise family Bible quit drinking (P 81)

dot.jpg 1928-1939 -Sister Ignatia worked with alcoholics Akron (S 25)

dot.jpg 1929 -Bill broke friend & benefactor Frank Shaw; Dr. Silkworth loses life's savings; Bill, Ebby, pilot charted airplane flew into new airfield Manchester Vermont, delegation met them, they drunk (B 203) (H 367) (L 79) (P 77, 85, 101, 175)

early 29' -1st time Bill & Ebby drank together (P 83)
January -Bill wrote promise family Bible quit drinking (P 81)
May -Dr. Bob surgeon proctologist (C 105)
October -Stock market crash, Bill $60,000 debt (B 168) (N 14) (W 148)
December -Bill & Lois move Canada work friend Dick Johnson (L 81) (P 86)

dot.jpg 1920's late -Dr. Bob going often St. Thomas Hospital; Wilson's enjoyed affluence (D 45) (P 77)

dot.jpg 1930's, early -Sister Ignatia secretly hospitalizing isolated cases alcoholics; double standards men & women alcoholics (S 118, 124)

dot.jpg 1930's, early -Joe Hirshhorn financier hired Bill analyze & evaluate companies (G 71)

dot.jpg 1930-1933 -Bill's drinking prevents financial comeback after 1929 crash (C 4) (P 407)

dot.jpg 1930 -Bill & Lois move Canada, small apartment Gerald Street, job, Bill's friend Canadian Dick Johnson let him go due drinking; Wilson's taken in Lois's parents; Dr. Silkworth arrives Towns Hospital; Rowland Hazard visited Carl Jung (B 169, 231) (H 277) (N 8) (P 86-87) (W 149)

early Fall -Firm Greenshields & Company Canada let Bill due drinking (B 170) (L 81)
May -Bill & Lois moved handsome, expense apartment Cotes des Neiges; Bill started nipping morning (B 169-170)
September -Bill wrote promise family Bible quit drinking (P 86)
December 25th -Bill returned Canada, mother-in-law died Bill to drunk attend funeral (B 172) (L 82) (P 87) (W 149)
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