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Timelines in AA History
1931 to 1934

dot.jpg 1931 -Bill enters helpless drinking phase; wife job Macy's Department Store; Rowland H. joins Oxford Group (P 128)

May -Lois start work R.H. Macy (B 174) (P 90)

dot.jpg 1932 -Anne Smith began attending Oxford Group meetings with friend Henrietta Seiberling; received guidance have special Oxford Group meeting Dr. Bob's drinking (C 2-3) (E 10)

late 32' -Called Henrietta Seiberling reference Dr. Bob's drinking (N 31)
April 8th -Bill, Author Wheeler, Frank Winans formed long-term speculative syndicate based on Bill not taking even 1 drink (B 180-181) (P 90-92)
May, mid -Bound Brook New Jersey small hotel, Bill drank Jersey Lighting applejack, learned never was, would be just 1 drink, blew deal long-term speculative syndicate Arthur Wheeler, Frank Winans, Bill now drank simply escape & block from mind what he did (A 56) (B 182-184) (L 83)

dot.jpg 1933 -Bill & Joe Hirshhorn break due Bill's drinking; Bill's last chance Wall Street; Lois takes 3 month leave absence Macy's; Dr. Bob started attending Oxford Group; President Roosevelt declared mortgage moratorium, allowed people stay houses even couldn't make payments; Dr. Bob began going Oxford Group meetings cope with alcoholism; Bill renewed childhood past time reading (C 29, 114) (D 348) (P 98) (W 150)

early 33' -Beer legal, Dr. Bob tried beer experiment (D 42, 53)
Autumn -Bill enters Towns Hospital 1st time; oblivion drinking (P 93, 100, 407)
May -Lois's father remarried, Joan Jones (L 84)
December 5th -Prohibition ended (P 122) (W 150)

dot.jpg 1933-1934 -Bill admitted Charles B. Towns Hospital 4 times, Bill's memories totally disordered (B 191-193) (C 4) (N 14) (W 150)

dot.jpg 1934 -Dr. Bob appointed courtesy staff St. Thomas Hospital Akron; Dr. Thomas Scuderi young intern medical director Ignatia Hall, alcoholic ward St. Thomas Hospital; Sister Ignatia & Dr. Scuderi secretly treated A.A. #3 lawyer (D 45, 51) (N 79) (S 8, 11)

Summer -Dr. Silkworth pronounces Bill hopeless alcoholic (A vii)
early Fall -Lois working drapery department Loesser's Brooklyn (B 196)
March -Lois quit job Macy's, didn't want ask another leave absence (L 85) (P 105)
May -Lois's father remarries (P 98)
July -Ebby trying complete paint job, told arrested again drunkenness 6 months Windsor Prison (P 113)
August -Rowland H. & Cebra G. from Oxford Group intervene with judge, sober up Ebby (A vii) (N 9)
September -Bill back Town's hospital, 3rd time (L 87) (P 108)
November -Ebby phoned Bill, asked to stop by haven't seen each other 1 year, Ebby sober, 2 nights later Ebby & Bill sat together Bill's Kitchen 182 Clinton Street, Ebby told about himself & Oxford Group, got Bill meeting Old Calvary Church group New York; Bill went 1st time Sam Shoemaker Calvary Church Mission (A 58, 62) (B 202-203) (C 4) (H 367) (L 197) (N 18) (P 111) (W 196)
November 11th -Armistice Day; Bill started drinking after dry spell, beginning Bill's last drunk (A vii, 57) (B 198) (L 87) (P 109)
November, around 26th -Ebby visited Bill (A 58, 62) (W 151)
December -Bill investigates Calvary Episcopal Mission 23rd Street, New York Dr. Sam Shoemaker's Calvary Church operated; Howard Tompkins Beer & Company sent Bill glowing letter encouragement concerning sobriety (L 94) (N 18) (P 116, 133)
December 11th -Bill's last drink 4 beers, month to day since started, entered Towns Hospital 4th time year, received then-current Towns treatment [barbiturates sedate & belladonna reducing stomach acids], has spiritual experience 39 years old, released obsession drink (A vii) (H 197) (L 197) (P 16, 120-121, 123, 407) (W 152, 162)
December 13th or 14th -Ebby visited Bill hospital, explained Oxford Group principles, brought William James's book, Varieties Religious Experience, Ebby didn't read, Oxford Group members recommended (H 197, 279, 298) (N 20) (P 120, 124) (W 152)
December 18th -Bill discharged 4th last hospitalization Towns Hospital 2:30PM; Bill & Lois start attending Oxford Group meetings Calvary House adjacent Calvary Episcopal Church, Dr. Sam Shoemaker rector; leading Oxford Group figure (P 104, 127, 407) (W 155)

dot.jpg 1934, December-1935, May -Bill works alcoholics fails sober any up (A vii)

dot.jpg 1934, late-1937 -Wilson's attended Oxford Group meetings Calvary church, attended house parties (P 168)

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