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Timelines in AA History
1935 to 1936

dot.jpg 1935 -Dr. Bob confessed drinking problem Oxford Group before meeting Bill (S 18)

early 35' -Bill preached Oxford Group message, no 1 sobered up (B 233) (P 131-132)
Spring -T. Henry Williams lost chief engineer job National Rubber Machine Company (L 104)
Fall -Bill & Lois began weekly meetings Tuesday nights 182 Clinton Street; 2nd A.A. group formed New York (A 10) (P 162)
Autumn -Dr. Bob's daughter met Ernie W. Galbraith (C 11)
near end 35' -Alcoholics living Calvary Mission instructed not attend meetings Clinton Street (P 169)
end 35' -A.A. had 5 members (A 310)
April -Dr. Silkworth told Bill quit preaching at drunks religion usually fills them guilt or rebellion & said tell them obsession & allergy; Bill returned Wall Street April 1935, got involved proxy fight control small machine-tool factory Akron (A 65) (B 233-234) (N 26-27)
May 10th -Business deal brought Bill Akron, attend annual stockholders meeting small machine-tool factory, lost proxy fight; called Dr. Walter Tunks Episcopalian minister from Mayflower Hotel get drunk talk with, talked Henrietta Seiberling put him touch Dr. Bob (A 66) (B 235-236) (C 4, 5) (G 69) (H 355) (L 95, 197) (N 26-27) (W 156-157)
May 11th -Dr. Tunks gives Bill Henrietta Seiberling phone, she received call from Bill (D 60, 64) (L 95) (N 27)
May 12th -Bill & Dr. Bob meet (A vii) (C 4-5) (D 348) (L 197) (N 35) (P 407) (S 18)
June -Bill 1st overnight Smiths A.A. guest (S 114)
June 1st week -American Medical Association Convention, Dr. Bob not missed one in 20 years (D 72) (N 32)
June 10th -Dr. Bob's last drink, beer; A.A. born 855 Ardmore Avenue; celebrated Founder's Day Akron (A vii, 10, 71) (B 243) (C 5, 40-41, 124) (D 348) (E 13) (G 83) (H 199, 357) (L 96, 197) (N 33) (P 149, 407) (W 156-157)
June 28th -A.A. #3, attorney; his wife & Dr. Bob's wife met; Bill & Dr. Bob meet Bill D. (C 42) (N 37) (S 117)
June 29th -Lois goes Akron, spends week with Smiths (L 197)
June late -Dr. Bob calls Akron City Hospital looking drunk him & Bill work on (P 152)
July -Lois came Akron 2 week visit (B 249)
July 4th -Bill D., A.A. #3 left hospital (P 154)
August, end -4 A.A.'s, 5 counting Phil S. Bill returned New York from Akron (B 249) (D 108)
late August or early September -Phil S., A.A. #5 came in (D 95)
November 19th -Ebby stays 182 Clinton Street (L 197)
December -Bill attended 1st Oxford Group house party Richmond Virginia (L 103)

dot.jpg 1935 on -Hank & Fitz joined Wilson's Oxford Group meetings, Calvary church & number Oxford Group house parties (P 168)

dot.jpg 1935-1940 -Period concerned learning get sober, creating text book & publishing business office & board trustees guidance (G 85)

dot.jpg 1936 -Charlie Towns owner Towns Hospital offered Bill job lay therapist, Bill told group thus 1 A.A.'s 1st group consciences derived; Ebby slipped after 2 years 7 months drank heavy long time later; Bill's mother 2nd husband died; Groups oldest Dr. Bob, said, What would the Master do? when group deciding let victim another addiction join; Ruth Hock came work Bill & Hank P., office 17 William Street Newark (A 100-101, 115, 159) (D 240) (E 20) (G 82) (L 107, 197) (N 63-64) (P 176, 177, 290)

early 36' -Dr. Bob's wife organized wives group (C 43, 132) (S 118)
middle 36' -Small & solid A.A. group developing Bill's house (B 252)
Fall -Bill & Hank form small company Sharing Inc raise money Honor Dealers project (L 101)
end 36' -A.A. had 15 members (A 310)
January -Paul S. early Akron A.A. meets Dr. Bob (D 111)
February 23rd -Bill persuaded Lois quit job Loeser's department store (L 104, 197) (P 175)
March -A.A. had 10 members (A 302)
April 26th -Wilson's forced out 182 Clinton Street mortgage company sold it, in Burnham family 1/2 century, went Hank & wife's live; lived vagabonds next 2 years, 1st 1 A.A. family, then another, around 50 families (P 213-214)
April 26th, soon after -Sunday meeting held Hank's & Kathleen's (P 216)
June -Oxford Group height 10,000 people flocked Berkshires, attend Stockbridge Massachusetts meeting, 10 day affair; Bill & Lois attend Oxford Group house party Stockbridge; Bill's mother 2nd husband died (L 103, 106) (P 170)
August -New York World Telegram published article Dr. Frank Buchman charging pro-Nazi, vindicated (P 170-171)
September -J.H.D. joined A.A.; Lois's father Dr. Burnham died (D 111) (P 175)
October -Bill C. young Canadian alkie, former attorney, compulsive gambler, stayed Bill's house nearly year, committed suicide, gas stove (B 263, 265) (P 165)
November -Alumni Magazine included short note reference Dr. Bob's making class reunions (D 22)
November 18th -Ebby came live Wilson's (W 157)
December -Bill met Charlie Towns & associate Dr. Alexander Lambert, asked work Towns Hospital; Bill & Lois attend Oxford Group house party Poconos Pennsylvania; 1st group conscience (A 100-101, 115) (L 10, 107, 197) (N 63-64) (W 157-158)

dot.jpg 1936-1937 -last time Bill serious effort reestablish himself securities field (P 175)

dot.jpg 1936-1942 -Ruth Hock Bill's secretary (E 20) (G 111)

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