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Timelines in AA History
1937 to 1938

dot.jpg 1937 -Bill & New York alcoholics separate Oxford Group, more then 40 alcoholics staying sober; Dr. Silkworth wrote article Medical Record [Alcoholism Manifestation Allergy, Dr. Silkworth called Bill say had prospect, Fitz M. 1st, Hank P. 2nd; Akron & New York Groups authorized Dr. Bob & Bill create over-all services spread A.A. message world-wide; Dr. Anton Carlson with group scientists formed subsidiary body Research Council Problems Alcohol (A vii, 74) (C 6) (G 82) (H 187) (P 102, 407) (TC 10)

Fall -Dr. Bob & Bill realize 40 alcoholics sober, wonder how to share message, thought of book (A 144) (H 10)
Summer -Bill, Hank P., Fitz tried start A.A. Washington & Philadelphia no luck (B 263)
Fall -Bill's work Quaw & Foley collapsed economic troubles; visited brother-in-law Dr. Leonard Strong Jr. got interview with Willard -- Richardson connected Rockefeller philanthropies; prospects came Akron from Cleveland (A 148) (D 348) (H 142) (P 177, 181)
end 37' -A.A. had 40 members (A 310)
January -Bill & Lois attend Oxford Group house party West Point New York; Bill got job Quaw & Foley stockbrokers (L 103, 107)
February -Dick S. tried get brother Paul in A.A. (D 111)
February -12 A.A.'s 1/2 had & would slip, Bob E. joined A.A. (D 101, 108)
March -Bill & Lois start attending Oxford Group meetings (L 197)
May -Ebby drunk, dry since November 1936 (L 197) (W 157)
August -Bill others broke away Oxford Group (B 262) (L 103, 197) (W 159)
September -Bill V. H. joined A.A., Akron (D 119)
October -Group had 40 members Akron & New York, Dr. Leonard Strong introduces Bill Reverend Willard S. Richardson (L 197) (W 159)
November -Dr. Bob & Bill realized chain reaction begun; Akron A.A.'s agreed on book; 40 alcoholics sober New York & Ohio, least 20 dry longer 1 year, all diagnosed hopeless; special meeting T. Henry Williams house, 18 present voted 10 yes 8 no, raise money printed material & hospitals (A vii, 76, 145) (B 266, 269-270) (D 348) (E 22-23) (H 142) (SM 9) (P 180)
December -Bill, Dr. Bob, Hank P., Fitz, Ned P., Dr. Silkworth met John D. Rockefeller's contingent Willard Richardson, Frank Amos, A. Leroy Chipman, Albert Scott 56th floor R.C.A. Building (A 148) (B 274) (H 142) (L 109) (SM 9)

dot.jpg 1938 -Bill & Dr. Bob accumulating stories Big Book; Oxford Group renamed Moral Rearmament; A.A. had 50 men 2 women when Frank Amos investigated it; Alcoholics Foundation set up, now General Service Board, 5 members 3 John D. Rockefeller Jr's friends, advisory committee created, 8 members Bill & Dr. Strong on; Bill using name Alcoholics Anonymous letters & pamphlets; Ruth Hock typed original manuscript Big Book; Bill & Dr. Bob commenced work upon world service structure (A 149-150) (C 6) (D 126) (G 51, 103, 111) (H 106, 126, 168) (L 92) (N 9, 48) (P 130, 187, 407) (TC 6)

Summer -1st 2nd chapters Big Book written Multilithed immediately used scheme raise money (A 153) (E 23) (P 193, 223) (S 121)
Fall -Bill talked Lois quitting her job (B 288)
end 38' -Big Book manuscript ready preliminary distribution, 400 copies were Multilithed circulated; Hank's business collapsed; office moved tiny 1 room 17 William Street Newark; A.A. had 100 members (A 159, 310) (B 292) (L 198) (P 200)
February -Frank Amos investigated A.A. gave report John D. Rockefeller (D 129) (P 185)
February 4th -Dick Richardson proposed Alcoholic Foundation be formed (L 197)
March or April -Bill drafted 1st 2 chapters Big Book (A 153) (E 16) (H 143) (L 110, 197) (SM 10) (P 193)
April -Alcoholic Foundation formed, Dr. Leonard Strong, A. LeRoy Chipman, Frank Amos on it as trustees; Bill started dictating Ruth Hock Big Book (B 277-278) (E 18) (H 106, 126) (N 67) (TC 11)
May -Big Book started; Alcoholic Foundation established trusteeship A.A.; 1st members 1st Board Dick Richardson, Frank Amos, Dr. Strong, Dr. Bob, New York A.A. who got drunk (A vii, 152) (D 151) (L 111) (W 160)
June -1st 2 chapters Big Book written (D 151) (H 143)
July 15th -1st documented use name Alcoholics Anonymous, A.A. archives letter Bill to Willard Richardson (P 202)
July 18th -From letter Dr. Richards Johns Hopkins, Bill using Alcoholics Anonymous working title Big Book & name fellowship (P 202)
August 11th -Alcoholic Foundation implemented, set up trust for A.A., board directors 5 members, 3 nonalcoholics Willard Richardson, Frank Amos, John Wood, 2 alcoholics Bill & Dr. Bob (E 18) (L 197) (N 67) (P 188, 394)
September -Frank Amos suggested show Big Book friend Gene Exman editor religious books Harper & Brothers (B 279) (H 143) (N 68)
October -Bill believed name Alcoholics Anonymous appeared discussions this time (A 165) (P 202)
December -Bill stretched out bed wrote 12 Steps (A vii) (B 282) (L 198)

dot.jpg 1938-1951 -Alcoholic Board operated without support a Conference (TC 37)

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