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Timelines in AA History

dot.jpg 1939 -Dr. Harry Tiebout chief psychiatrist Blythewood Sanitarium Connecticut began lifelong absorption thorough scientific investigation techniques and principles A.A.; Honor Dealers office 17 William Street Newark New Jersey Bill's major headquarters evicted; Dr. Silkworth wrote article Medical Record about alcoholism; Gabriel Heatter popular radio program [We People]; Honor Dealers evicted offices 17 Williams Street Newark New Jersey; Hank P. started drinking; Dr. Bob going St. Thomas Hospital looking prospects; Akron A.A.'s split Oxford Group; Jud O., Alex M. joined A.A. Akron; Archie T., nonalcoholic friend Sarah Klein helped start A.A. group Detroit; Rollie H. famous baseball player, 1 1st go public 1939, sports writer really responsible; Fulton Oursler editor Liberty magazine; Akron alcoholics parted Oxford Group; pioneered 1st alcoholism ward utilizing Alcoholics Anonymous philosophy Akron, modern treatment alcoholism began;, A.A. membership 100 (A vii, 159, 176) (B 303) (C 6, 49) (D 146, 182, 230) (G 46, 73, 82) (H 145, 369) (SM 11) (N 85, 90, 95) (P 193, 201, 207, 220, 228) (S 12, 113)

early 39' -Bill & Hank P. form Works Publishing Company publish Big Book (A 157) (G 79) (L 198)
Spring -Ruth T. joined A.A. (D 242)
Summer -Charles ("C.J.") K. & Eddie B. 12 stepped Duke P. Toledo, both state insane asylum Toledo voluntary commitments, read Big Book manuscript, got out (D 253)
Fall -Bill tried get money for Dr. Bob Guggenheim Foundation (D 172) (G 80)
late Fall -Wife early Akron A.A. Ty, took Big Book Los Angeles (D 177)
end 39' -A.A. had 400 members (A 310)
January -Alcoholic Foundation board increased, 5 members to 7, nonalcoholics still majority (P 189)
January, early -Morgan R. Catholic, ex-adman, came A.A. early January 1939 recently released Rockland asylum, had friend on Catholic Committee Publications New York Archdiocese, commissioned deliver mimeograph copy Big Book committee (A 168) (B 286)
January, mid -Except few last details Big Book ready printers, sent mimeographed manuscript various doctors & ministers criticism (B 285)
March 1st -Jonny R. joined A.A. (C 81)
April -Big book published, run 4,730 copies; Elgie R., John R. joined A.A.; 2 groups, no name A.A.; Hank P. planned have Morgan R. interviewed by Gabriel Heatter M.C. We the People fantastically popular radio show to sell books; sent 20,000 cards every physician east Mississippi reference Big Book (A viii, 159, 175) (B 288) (D 80, 348) (E 25) (G 85) (H 145, 388) (L 104, 115) (SM 11) (P 203, 407) (S 32) (W 160)
April 17th -Abby G. early Cleveland A.A. entered hospital (D 202)
May 1st -Bill & Lois had leave 182 Clinton Street, house sold (A 11, 173) (B 288) (L 6, 125)
May 11th -1st meeting Cleveland A.A. group [no Oxford Group connection] (D 164, 348) (N 78)
May 16th -A.A. meeting Bert's tailor shop 5th Avenue New York (L 198)
May, end of -1st alcoholic patient enters Deaconess Hospital Cleveland, bartender (D 201)
May 18th -Clarence S. started 1st group Cleveland, 1st group called Alcoholics Anonymous Cleveland Heights home Abby G., 16 members (G 103) (N 78) (P 203) (S 32)
June 5th -New York Times good review Big Book (H 145) (L 198) (P 223)
June 30th -Harry Emerson Fosdick writes good review Big Book (A viii) (L 198)
July -Warren C. came A.A. Cleveland, caused debate not hospitalized, 12 stepped by Clarence S. (D 102) (N 236)
July 4th -1st meeting Harold S. Flatbush Brooklyn (L 198)
August -Dr. Bob wrote & may have signed article Faith magazine; Mag & Bob V. started Sunday meetings their house (D 175) (L 127)
August 1st -1st meeting Bert's larger tailoring work loft (L 198)
August 16th -Dr. Bob persuaded Sister Ignatia admit Walter B. notorious alcoholic & regular consumer paregoric [over counter] opiate, Sister Ignatia labeled problem acute gastritis; some say this occurred August 18; put in Flower Room (D 348) (H 374) (S 14, 16, 79, 122, 146)
August 18th -Some say 1st alcoholic admitted St. Thomas Hospital, most believe August 16; special meeting Mag & Bob Montclair New Jersey 6 doctors present 2 Rockland State Hospital 2 Bellevue, Dr. Silkworth, A.A. doctor (L 198) (S 14)
September -Chicago group starting; Nell Wing learns A.A., Keuka College central New York State; Walter B. joined A.A.; Morris Markey article Alcoholics & God Liberty magazine brought 800 pieces mail; Cleveland Plain Dealer carried series articles center editorial page, 1 day for week, A.A. membership Cleveland from 12 over 100 in 1 month; Mort J. Denver resident, book convert (A viii, 93, 134, 177-178) (B 291) (D 348) (G 5) (H 62, 145, 180, 373) (N 83, 90, 102) (S 122)
September 30th -Article [Alcoholics & God] published Liberty magazine Morris Markey (A 17, 87, 177-178) (D 175) (H 62, 145, 180) (SM 11) (N 90)
October -1st central committee 7 men 5 women Cleveland; 1st example A.A. rotation: A.A. articles Cleveland Plains Dealer (A 134) (D 202, 348) (H 62) (N 83, 88)
October 14th -Journal American Medical Association published unsympathetic review Big Book (N 92)
November -1st all A.A. group formed Cleveland; old Borton Group named after T.E. Borton wealthy Cleveland Heights nonalcoholic (D 169, 209) (SM 11) (S 31, 85)
November 26th -Reverend Dr. Dilworth Lupton Cleveland preached sermon reprinted pamphlet form (N 85)
November-December -Akron A.A.'s broke from Oxford Group, began meeting Dr. Bob's house (A viii) (D 348)
December -Matt Talbot Club 88 members, used wagons collect old furniture to recondition & sell, not A.A., used A.A. program, material, marked 1st A.A. effort reach alcoholics outside married middle-class category; Dr. Russell Blaisdell head Rockland State Hospital asked Bill speak; 1st A.A. group mental hospital (A viii) (D 210) (G 73)
December 19th -1st home meeting Los Angeles Kaye M.'s house (A 92)

dot.jpg 1930's late -Dr. Bob talks with Roland J. spiritualist (D 311)

dot.jpg 1939-1940 -Bill & Lois moved 51 times not counting weekend stops; winter 1939 & spring 1940 Bill & Lois stay with Bob & Mag (A 179) (L 126)

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