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Timelines in AA History
1941 to 1943

dot.jpg 1941 -Wilson's buy & move home [Stepping Stones], rural area New York State; Ernie G. A.A. #4 marries Dr. Bob's daughter Sue; Bill looking work, early gives up; fellowship likened noisy robust infant, midst terrible 2's; Vi S. & husband Freddie S. Cleveland join A.A.; Serenity Prayer brought Ruth Hock's attention; 1st professional intervention Charity Hospital, Dr. Harry Nash complied with junior assistant Dr. Victor D. Ippolito operating room not operate; Alcoholics Anonymous established American institution; started year 2,000 members end 8,000 due Saturday Evening Post Article Jack Alexander article; groups began send contributions Alcoholic Foundation (A 87, 94, 134, 196) (B 312, 315) (D 91, 245) (G 37, 111, 133) (H 1, 148, 181) (SM 14) (N 101) (P 154, 222, 264, 265) (S 163) (TC 11)

early 41' -Began evident co-founders ultimate responsibility & authority services should never be wholly vested Board Trustees (TC 12)
Spring -Bill & Lois move Stepping Stones New Bedford after 23 years marriage; 2,000 members (A 190) (B 317) (L 133)
Fall -Doc Smith Day planned Clarence S. other Cleveland A.A.'s (D 265)
end 41' -Membership from 1,500 to 8,000, 170 groups, inquiries letters Canada, Africa, England, France, Australia; Big Book sales 3,600 for year, Big Book 2nd printing; Serenity Prayer adopted; groups asked contribute $1 twice year support headquarters; A.A. had 8,000 members (A 192, 196, 310) (G 86-87) (H 1, 150)
January 4th -Wilson's find home Bedford Hill's New York (P 259)
February 24th -Jack Alexander Saturday Evening Post article lead story dated March 1 put A.A. on map out (A viii, 87, 89, 94, 191) (E 16) (H 148, 181) (SM 13) (L 132) (P 244, 247, 407)
March -Cleveland's A.A.'s celebrated Doc Smith Day (D 348)
March 1st -Jack Alexander A.A. story Saturday Evening Post opened flood gates to A.A. (A 87, 89, 94, 134, 191) (B 311-312) (C 7) (G 73, 86) (H 148, 181) (L 132) (SM 13) (N 101) (S 140)
April -Bill cold in chest, took medicine high % alcohol, Lois away cruise, Bill started thinking about drinking (L 134)
April 11th -Wilson's move Bedford Hills, 1st home 23 years marriage (P 260)
April 20th -Lois cruise with Chris's mother (L 134)
May -Ethel M., Rollo M., Freddie S. & wife joined A.A.; Bill & Lois accept plan buy Stepping Stones (D 223, 245) (L 133)
June -Jack C. brought Serenity Prayer Vesey Street office (A 196) (P 252)
September -Dr. Bob's daughter, Ernie G. A.A. #4 married (C 12, 51)
November -Eve Pearl Harbor; A.A. 200 groups, 6,000 A.A.'s, most never seen Bill (P 266)

dot.jpg 1941-1944 -Bill in groups getting know A.A., making himself available individuals, talking, listening, counseling, sharing, giving himself, nurture Fellowship; received as messiah (P 267-268)

dot.jpg 1941-April 1961 -Leonard V. Harrison board trustee except 5 year hiatus 1956-1961 chairman (G 74)

dot.jpg 1942 -Dr. Bob & Bill accused making undue profits on Big Book; started work down-and-outers, skid row Cleveland; Joe P. joined A.A., Dr. Bob's fellow Dartmouth College alumnus; Clinton Duffy allowed 1st A.A. prison meeting; Ruth Hock left A.A. get married, Bobbie B. took over; 1st prison A.A. group (A viii, 16, 89, 195) (D 18, 191, 267, 248, 348) (E 62) (H 152)

March -Received recommendation Colonel Donovan Washington Supply Service, interviewed brigadier general charge Army's Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot, offered accept Bill as Captain, Bill failed physical ulcers; Ruth Hock left remarry A.A., moved Ohio (L 138) (P 272)
November -1902 class reporter wrote Dr. Bob's A.A. involvement (D 22)

dot.jpg 1942-1943 -Bruce M. met Dr. Bob, sober 1945 (D 276)

dot.jpg 1943 -Bill & Lois make 1st cross-country tour A.A. groups, Traditions idea rose due constant & similar questions; Polly F.L. joined Chicago A.A.; Dr. E.M. Jellinek & Dr. Haggard inaugurated Yale Summer School Alcohol Studies (D 246) (H 188) (L 145) (P 305, 407)

late 43' -Bill spoke more 1,000 A.A's Los Angeles; met Warden Clinton T. Duffy 1st known corrections official in country permit A.A. meeting inside prison (G 74)
October 24th -Wilson's start 1st major A.A. tour planning return January 19, 1944; start Windsor group Canada (A 84) (P 286-287)
November 24th -A.A.'s 8th Anniversary Dinner (G 73)
November 28th -Bill guest speaker San Quentin Penitentiary (E 62)

dot.jpg 1943 late-1944 early -Bill & Lois visited groups West, South (L 143)

dot.jpg 1943-1947 -2 week gathering Minnesota, attendance invitation only usually those considered founders Midwest groups (D 299)

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